Case Studies on Diversity

Education concept: Case Study and Gears on road sign background
The following cases including mini cases and class activities are available free of cost by the South Asian Academy of Management. You are welcome to download and use these for nonprofit educational purposes only by clicking on the links provided.

Diversity management: Samina’s experiences in Retail Co. (Nicolina Kamenou and Jawad Syed, 2012) Kamenou Syed 2012 Samina in Retail Co

Diversity management: Oscars so white (Jawad Syed, 2017) Syed 2017 Diversity management- Oscars so white

Stories of diversity from around the world (Kurt April and Jawad Syed, 2015) April Syed 2015 Stories of diversity

Diversity management: Samina’s career experiences in the UK and the Middle East (Nicolina Kamenou-Aigbekaen and Jawad Syed, 2017) Kamenou Syed 2017 Diversity- Samina in UK and ME

Diversity management: Successful business stories (Nicolina Kamenou-Aigbekaen and Jawad Syed, 2017) Kamenou Syed 2017 Diversity- Success stories

Diversity policy at the National Health Service in the UK (Mustafa Ozbilgin and Jawad Syed, 2015) Ozbilgin Syed 2015 Diversity policy at NHS

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