Call for Papers: Special Issue of ‘Journal of Management & Organizations’


Special Issue of ‘Journal of Management & Organizations’

“Contextualizing diversity within Islam: Interpretations, understandings and implications for management and organizations”

Guest editors: Jawad Syed and Edwina Pio

In the mainstream academic literature as well as media, the Islamic faith and Muslims are often presented as a monolithic religion, ignoring the internal diversity or heterogeneity on the basis of denomination, ethnicity, gender and religious practice. While there are two broad sects within Islam, i.e., Sunni and Shia, the diversity within Islam is much more nuanced and heterogeneous and can be traced to different interpretations of the texts, opinions of narrators, jurisprudence and different milieus where such interpretations are Continue reading

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AOM 2016 PDW: Gender, Generations and Leadership: Insights from South Asia


Scholars have described the global leadership literature as western-centric (Arvey et al., 2015), age-blind (Spisak et al., 2014) and male-dominated (Kyriakidou, 2012; Syed & Murray, 2008). This PDW aims to address these gaps by providing an unconventional non- western perspective (Bamberger & Pratt, 2010) and incorporating intersectionality in gender and/or generational issues (Shields, 2008). We selected South Asia because of its richness, complexity and the rapidly transitioning organizations that have important implications for leadership (Khilji, 2013). The overarching goal of the PDW is to energize the global leadership field as well expand its theoretical significance by focusing upon gender and generational aspects (Glynn & Raffaelli, 2010). We present
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Call for Papers – “Gender, Generation and Leadership: Insights from South Asia”

Special issue call for papers from South Asian Journal of Global Business Research

“Gender, Generation and Leadership: Insights from South Asia”

Guest Editors
Shaista E. Khilji
Jawad Syed
Mary Sully De Luque


Global leadership has served as a hallmark topic in leadership research for the past few decades, in response to an unprecedented growth of international firms and markets (Ajarimah, 2001; Caligiuri, 2006; Gentry et al., 2014; Khilji et al., 2010; Mendenhall et al., 2012). However, scholars have described it as a western-centric (Arvey et al., 2015), seemingly age-blind (Spisak et al., 2014) and male-dominated (Kyriakidou, 2012; Syed & Murray, 2008) field. The
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AOM 2014 PDW: Conducting research in South Asia: Thinking ahead and being different

This is an interactive PDW (in a roundtable discussion format) that presents South Asia as neglected context in international management (IM) research despite its richness and complexity. We focus upon highlighting relevance of the emerging South Asian economies in international management (IM) research, and pose two main questions, a) why it is important to conduct research in South Asia, and b) what topics are most relevant in South Asia and have the potential to enrich IM theory and practice? In addition, based upon research findings and
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AOM 2014 Symposium: Working wo(men) of South Asia: Why we matter

Organisers: Edwina Pio, Jawad Syed


Complexity is a key aspect of South Asia with a population of 1.649 billion. Caste, class, patriarchy, religion, agriculture, technology, terrorism and violence impact working wo(men) on an everyday basis. In constructing South Asian wo(men), we are aware of the multiplicity of socio-cultural, religious, political and institutional intersections in this heterogeneous region. In this messy and rich plethora of issues and axes of power with domains of exclusion and opportunity for wo(men), there continues to persist a very high gender gap in employment. Girls are still being denied the right to education and for those
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Contextualising management and organisations in South Asia

What if our actions were imbued with the sacred? What if activism in organisations evokes better local society and responsible global community? What if sacred activism signals the performance of a deeper understanding and mindful actions for contextualising management and organisations in South Asia? These are some of the questions we pose to scholars and practitioners as we seek to present the multiplexities and singularities that epitomise South Asia. We address the braided realities and opportunities presented by religion, culture, ethnicity, gender and governance to contextualise organisations and management among the 1.67 billion people who constitute South Asia. We calligraph our interpretations and future possibilities based on historical traditions and extant data, mindful that some parts of this vast region are grappling with religious radicalisation, East–West tensions, underdevelopment, low literacy rates, violence against women, and international debts and handouts. This heterogeneous region also has a major BRICS country (i.e., India), provides CEOs to the world, scientists to NASA, outsourcing facilities to global corporations, has a young population, a huge middle class, and is actively participating in mergers and acquisitions in the global corridors of commerce. Our poignant hope is to inform and suggest possibilities for constructing enriching engagements and research in this region.


Pio, E. and Syed, J. (2014). Sacred activism through seva and khidmat: Contextualising management and organisations in South Asia. Journal of Management & Organization, 20:5, 1–15.

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Gender equality at work in South Asia – Special Issue of ‘Gender in Management’

This paper is a guest editorial piece in the Special Issue of the Gender in Management journal on “Gender equality at work in South Asia”. In this paper, the authors aim not only to introduce the papers selected for the Special Issue but also to offer an overview of the current state of female employment, economic activity and gender equality at work in countries in South Asia.

Our bodies, our minds, our men: working South Asian women



Pio, E., and Syed, J. (2013). Guest Editorial: our bodies, our minds, our men: working South Asian women. Gender in Management, 28(3/4): 140-150.

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