Governance and Membership

SAAM’s work is largely carried out by members on a voluntary basis.

We seeks to ensure that SAAM’s governance and organization is a representative of diversity (e.g., in terms of gender, ethnicity, race, language, religion, national origin) of the South Asian region.

We recognize that Special Interest Groups are the real “home” for most members-the place where members volunteer and contribute their efforts. It is incumbent on the leadership of each such group to assume responsibility for satisfying their members’ needs by designing and sponsoring an excellent annual program and extending services.

Working Group

A Working Group is currently running the affairs of SAAM in order to provide a stable base to its initial structure and operation.

  • Professor Jawad Syed, Lahore University of Management Sciences
  • Professor Edwina Pio, Auckland University of Technology
  • Professor Shaista Khilji, George Washington University

Associate Professor Faiza Ali, Lahore University of Management Sciences

SAAM’s Brief History

In August 2010, several Academy of Management participants from South Asia met informally in Montreal in order to discuss the need and mechanics to establish the South Asian Academy of Management. They endorsed the principle that SAAM should be an independent organization, with links to the Academy of Management, British Academy of Management, European Academy of Management and other scholarly organizations. The objective of SAAM is thus to encourage contextualized management research with South Asia relevance towards global contribution to scholarship.


Membership of SAAM is available for individuals as (1) Professional or (2) Associate Members, and also for institutions as (3) Institutional Membership.

(1) Professional Membership

Professional Membership is available to those who are teachers and/or researchers in business, management, public administration or related disciplines in universities and colleges, or individuals with a significant involvement in management education or research, and to such other persons who have a substantial interest in the advancement of scholarship in those disciplines.

(2) Associate Membership

Associate Membership is available to post-graduate students enrolled in full-time courses in management education (upon receipt of evidence of full-time student status) or similar areas and to other persons having an interest in management education who do not qualify for Professional Membership.

(3) Institutional Membership

Institutional Membership is available to organisations with an interest in furthering the objectives of the Academy. They can be:

Departments, centres, faculties, schools and institutes of universities and colleges or section thereof which are geographically separate;
Associations or companies or divisions thereof;

Government departments, authorities or instrumentalities.

Institutional Members or their representatives shall not be entitled to be elected as officers of the Academy unless such individual are also members on an individual basis. Each Institutional Member may nominate one representative to attend Institutional Meeting and one to be the contact person for the receipt of SAAM membership information and publications.

Membership Fees

SAAM Membership