SAAM Conference 2020

Call for Papers
Humanising Business Education and Practice: Learnings from COVID-19

Virtual Conference
South Asian Academy of Management (SAAM)

Conference dates: 5-6 October 2020

Deadline for submission: 1 July 2020, 5pm GMT

The COVID-19 pandemic (2019-2020) has had an unprecedented impact on the world we live in. It has forcibly changed our lifestyles, government agendas, work and management practices, ways of teaching and learning, our relationships with each other as members of a family, community, professional community and global community. Some commentators argue that by largely confining humans to their homes, nature is healing our wounded planet, caused by violations to our ecosystems by human activities and organisations. International cooperation is fragmented. Cosmopolitan lives are hit on the one hand with travel restrictions and facilitated on the other through use of internet technology.

The conference theme focuses on how business education and practice may be humanised in this context. Humanising business education and practice has been widely studied across various disciplines and interdisciplinary perspectives as efforts are initiated to put humans at the centre of business education and practice and its impact on ecosystems. Thus, the conference welcomes scholarship that could craft, envision, and formulate a better future for humanity in business, in terms of equality, diversity, inclusion, fairness, equity, justice in social, economic, political, pedagogical and environmental processes as these interplay with business education and practice

We are learning to live in a new normal and it will be remiss of us to ignore these lessons in our approaches, narratives and discourses pertaining to business and management. For scholars of business education and practice, it is an opportunity and duty to revisit the ‘dominant’ or ‘mainstream’ approaches with a view to identify and imagine how the world of trade, business, and education should and could change.

Some questions to anchor thinking in this regard include: How do we move from exclusion to enhanced inclusion in business education and practice? What are the novel human centred approaches that a new social contract demands in business? What are the current business education and practice systems and structures that need to be changed and how can these be achieved? What are the sustainability and well-being aspects that need to be built into growth structures, jobs and government policies? What are the innovative pedagogies that can be constructed in business education? What do we need to avoid as pitfalls that may dehumanise our business education and practice efforts and how can these be achieved?

We would like to encourage multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary approaches in presentations. The conference invites academics, research scholars, research students, policy makers and practitioners from across the globe to submit research and theoretical papers and proposals for scholarly or practitioner/policy symposia and professional development workshops to this conference.

The conference is not confined to scholars or scholarship related to South Asia alone, and is inclusive in its approach to encouraging and inviting scholarship relevant to the conference’s theme.

In your submission, clearly include a statement specifying how your submission is relevant to the conference, such as humanising business leadership in the context of crises or the humanising accounting and financial practices to incorporate issues of well-being and social responsibility.

Conference format

Virtual sessions with live video presentation and feedback. Pre-recorded videos will be made available as an additional or backup arrangement for the presenters or participants facing connectivity issues.

Format for submissions

Full research papers (6000 to 8000 words excluding references, tables and figures). Submit two documents in PDF format: (1) your title page (name/s and affiliation/s of author/s, email address/es), (2) anonymized manuscript

Extended abstracts or developmental papers (2000 to 3000 words excluding references, tables and figures) for round table discussion. Submit two documents in PDF format: (1) your title page (name/s and affiliation/s of author/s, email address/es), (2) anonymized manuscript

Research or practitioner/policy symposium: PDF format, 1500 to 2000 words including title and abstract of the symposium, names and affiliation/s of organizers and presenters, title and abstract of individual paper/s.

Professional development workshop (PDW): PDF format, 1500 to 2000 words including title, introduction and aims of PDW, names and affiliation/s of PDW organizers and facilitators, overview of PDW’s content and activities.

Teaching cases: 3000 to 5000 words including title, case and teaching note in one document. Submit two documents in PDF format: (1) your title page (name/s and affiliation/s of author/s, email address/es), (2) anonymized case and teaching note.

Additional requirement for accepted submissions

For each accepted paper or case, the presenter/s will need to provide a high quality 5 to 7 minute video (in mp4 format) as a backup plan if they face connectivity issues during the virtual live sessions.

For each accepted symposium or PDW, the organizers, facilitators and presenters will need to provide a 10 to 15 minute video (in mp4 format) as a backup plan if they face connectivity issues during the virtual live sessions.

These videos may be made available as a part of relevant section or stream within a private Facebook Group or as an unlisted YouTube video or any other portal as advised by the SAAM IT support team.


1. Submissions must NOT have been previously published and if under review, must NOT appear in print before the SAAM 2020 Virtual Conference.
2. For full/developmental paper and case submission only: To facilitate the blind review process, remove ALL authors identifying information, including acknowledgements from the text, and document/file properties. (Any submissions with author information will be automatically DELETED; author information and acknowledgements are to be included in a SEPARATE document).
3. The title must not exceed 20 words. The abstract should not exceed 400 words.
4. Include 3 to 5 keywords in the submission.
5. The entire paper (title page (without author info), abstract, main text, figures, tables, references, etc.) must be in ONE anonymized document created in PDF format.
6. The maximum length of the paper is 30 pages (including ALL tables, appendices and references). The minimum length of the paper is 5 pages. The paper format should follow the Academy of Management Review style guide.
7. Use Times New Roman 12-point font, double spaced, and 1-inch (2.5 cm) margin all around.
8. Number all the pages of the paper on the top of each page.
9. No changes in the paper title, abstract, authorship, and actual paper can occur AFTER the submission deadline.
10. Only submissions in English shall be accepted for review.
11. In case of acceptance, the author or one of the co-authors will be available to virtually present the paper at the conference. They will also provide a pre-recorded video presentation of their submission (see instructions).
12. All papers will be refereed through a double-blind peer-review process.

13. If you submit a manuscript, you agree to review at least two manuscripts for the conference.

14. No more than three submissions by any one individual. His/her name should not be associated with more than three submissions in any way as a co-author or co-organiser, etc.

Deadline for submission of paper, case, symposium and PDW: 1 July 2020, 5pm GMT

Decision on submissions: 15 August 2020

Video submission deadline: 15 September 2020

Conference dates: 5-6 October 2020

Registration Fee

Registration Opens: 15 August 2020

Early Bird Registration Fee (Available Till 30 August 2020)

For academics, policy makers and practitioners: Early bird US$65

For students: Early bird US$25

Regular Registration Fee

For academics, policy makers and practitioners: US$80 

For students: US$30

Deadline for Changes & Cancellations: 15 September 2020 ($20 Processing Fee applies in all cases. Absolutely no refunds for any reason after 15 September 2020. In other instances, refund processing may take up to one month subject to approval.)

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Conference Program Co-Chairs

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