SAAM Caucus at AOM 2013

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The South Asian Academy of Management (SAAM) caucus (title: “Investigating Capitalism and Management via the South Asian Academy of Management”) was held on 12 Aug 2013 at the Academy of Management Conference (Orlando, Florida). It was co-orgnized by Jawad Syed and Edwina Pio.


The Caucus participants agreed that instead of formal fee paying membership, SAAM should continue to hold scholarly sessions at the AOM, EURAM, ANZAM etc, edit Special Issues, contribute to SAJGBR and other relevant outlets, to create more awareness/scholarship relevant to SAAM’s objectives and also to generate a critical mass in support of SAAM.

Colleagues agreed to lead or participate in a number of SAAM related scholarly sessions (PDW, Symposium, Papers etc) for AOM 2014. Bahaudin and Samina showed interest in the impact of online education system on gender and diversity in South Asia. Ujvala showed interest in the topic of work-family interface in organisations in India. Hamid was interested in bringing the Iranian insights to the SAAM stream. Peter expressed interest in institutional influences on gender and diversity management in the South Asian context. Edwina was interested in issues of migration and ethnicity related to South Asian diaspora. Jawad and Hamid were interested in internal heterogeneity of Muslims in South Asia. Raza encouraged SAAM members to submit relevant PDW/symposium to CMS division.

The Caucus was attended by members representing the following countries: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Iran, Pakistan, New Zealand and Australia.

Target: Colleagues agreed that papers, symposia, PDWs etc for AOM 2014 should be (aimed to be) completed by December.

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